Rope swing story

As a teenager I loved to go wading in various waterways in my area, one of these waterways had a rope swing.  This was simply a thick rope tied to a tree limb, that somebody had put up.  For a long time I stared at that rope, it always made me a bit nervous but at the same time I wanted so badly to swing on it, it sounded like a lot of fun.  One night I finally got up the nerve, this was about 11 years ago so now I have written two poems about the night I swung on the swing.  Usually I only write one poem about an event but for some reason this time I wrote two so here they are.

Rope swing # 1

A rope hangs from a tree,
It swings out over the creek.
It looks like fun to my friends and me,
So late at night we sneak.

Looking at the swing face to face,
It starts to seem kinda scary,
My heart is starting to race,
This could get hairy.

I hold my breath and grab the rope,
Back up and start to swing.
Now I release and hope,
What will this act bring?

I hit the surface hard,
The water feels so warm.
Must climb back to the yard,
Among my friends this is the norm.

Overall I had fun,
Even if I got really wet.
I’m really glad it’s done,
Wouldn’t do it again on a bet.

Rope swing # 2

The warm water engulfs my toes,
It’s really hot in my clothes.
To cool off I’ll get wet,
I’m gonna do it my mind is set.

Lets go to the swing,
I tell the friends I will bring.
When we get there it is dark,
Try to be quiet this is a park.

There it hangs in all its glory,
Now I’m scared, my life story.
My fear makes me shake,
Bravery I’ll have to fake.

I grab the rope and move back,
If I don’t the teasing won’t slack.
A jump and I’m swinging out,
To scared to even shout.

I’d make it stop if I could,
I land in water that feels good.
The fear had already sank,
By the time I climbed up the bank.

Doing this again is not my plan,
At least now I know I can.
I don’t really think that they are all that good but I wanted to share them regardless just because I found it interesting that I wrote two poems about the same thing, on the same night.  If you have an feedback on these poems feel free to leave a comment.

Thank you for reading my blog.

5 Responses to “Rope swing story”

  1. john4 Says:

    Wonderful rhyming! you have a great memory for detail.

  2. gimmeice Says:


  3. _sabby_ Says:

    Awww….I could feel the tenseness and fear from your words. Nicely written, both of them. Brings me back to times when I tried something a little risky for the first time, the butterflies in the tummy and the mind going round and round in circles and all the what ifs.

    Well done ((((((((gimmeice)))))))))))

  4. Vince Says:

    ((( Gimmieice )))
    Good poems.

  5. 4Grace Says:

    Loved them Gimmeice, brought back fun memories I had on a rope swing. Reaching back in time as I read them, I felt the same jitters of just doing it and the excitment of being able to say; “I did it !!!”. Oh what ‘memories of accomplishments’
    Thank You Gimmeice

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