The interesting changes in life

First of all let me start out by saying I am having one of those years, seems like everything is going wrong.  Recently I lost a puppy to parvo, I have another being treated at the animal hospital, I really hope that he is okay because he is my baby.

Now to the changes subject…… Last night I went camping just my husband and me, we went to our favorite campsite and had a babysitter for all the kids so it was an enjoyable night.  Hubby got to fish and I got to do whatever I wanted which turned out to be hiding in my tent taking advantage of the campgrounds free wifi.  As I looked around at all the gadgets that I had packed and thought of how my standards for camping have changed it was completely amazing to me.

When I was a teenager all I needed was poptarts, a bottle of water, matches, and a camp axe and I could last days out in the middle of the woods with no problem, I considered a tent handy but I could make my own shelter and be okay.  In my early twenties I decided I really needed a tent, bathroom, and firewood, along with food and drinks but I still considered this roughing it because I didn’t use any electricity and slept on the hard ground.  I used to make fun of people in campers saying why didn’t they just stay home, they brought all the comforts of home tv, computer, and all other kinds of gadgets that I considered useless to the camping theory.  Of course a few years ago, I added electricity to a necessity because I need somewhere to plug my coffee maker into.

This year I have discovered that now I want a heater, wifi, nice bathrooms close to my site, a golf cart to manuver around the campground.  I also find myself wanting a pull behind camper and absolutely hate my tent.  The last three camping trips I didn’t even start a camp fire, how sad is that.  At the age of 29 my definition of camping has changed so much that it makes me wonder what is to come.  At forty will I consider sitting on my back porch camping?  Sure I know that some of these changes had to happen, I have a bad back and really shouldn’t be sleeping on the hard floor so I really needed an air matress.

With the inventions of laptops and wifi and cellphones I think that I have really lost site of the camping theory that I once cherished, to be one with nature and enjoy all the wonders the world has to offer.  Now it’s more about the gadgets, eventhough to be in nature is more relaxing to me basically I am still doing the same things that I can do at home just outside or in a tent.

All these changes I realize are a part of life but it really seems like I am making the wrong changes, maybe I need to slow back down and take some time to enjoy all the pleasures of nature and leave the other stuff at home.

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  1. turquoisesea Says:

    About camping…
    It’s not just you it’s the society as a whole… There’s something to nature, there’s something to technology,
    I guess out of any experience it’s what you make of it

    A few weeks ago, I was driving around, trying not to go back home. I ended up taking a turn into a local park, wanting to walk down memory lane – we used to sled down the hill (which now has huge “do not sled” signs everywhere)…
    I ended up walking around and discovering that this place had trails. And I started walking. I’d been having a HORRIBLE time at home. As I walked… it was just me, the trees, the river, the birds… the sky… the cold… and a few random people walking dogs who VERY occasionally came by. It was special. It reminded me of nature – it kind of… reminded me of a part of me I had forgotten. Thing is i NEVER would have put my technology down and gone for a walk/hike on purpose – but it turns out it was just what I needed.

    So… get what you can from each experience… I guess. Nature good, technology good. too

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