A poem I wrote 8 yrs ago

This is a poem that I wrote 1-23-01, the poem at the time was for my dad who had passed away the prior April, this is one way that I was dealing with my grief, so anyway here it is, enjoy.

I  miss your smile,

I miss your smile,

haven’t  seen it for a while.

Remembering the talks we had,

you wouldn’t want be to be sad.

The wisdom that you shared with me,

then wisdom I could not see.

Now these things I know to be true,

I am who I am because of you.

A love not always expressed,

for having it I was blessed.

We used to laugh and have fun,

now that is all done.

Left with memories of days gone by,

and asking myself why.

I love you and always will,

as if you were here still.

I miss you deep within,

and stop to visit every now and then.

Can’t help but wear a frown,

as I lay the flowers down.

I miss your smile,

haven’t seen it for awhile.

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