The story of me running away from home.

This is a story that takes place 12 yrs ago, the situation came up in a conversation recently and they said they wanted to hear the whole story so I thought it would be a good time to share it.

It all started one day when I was 17 years old and I was skipping school to hangout with my boyfriend I had at the time, he was the first serious boyfriend I had, at the time he seemed like the one.  So anyway things were not good at home my mom was scheduling college people to come to my house even when I told her I didn’t want to attend whatever school it was and really I just had a not so good relationship with my mother.(The mother thing is a whole other blog, I am here to tell this story)  Anyway my boyfriend, one of my friends(male) and I were at a mall in another town just basically being mall rats, hanging out doing nothing when the boyfriend said that he missed his dad who lives in Louisianna and how he was considering going there for a month and he may even stay forever.  Now to me this was devistating news we had been together a year and a half so I started to consider going with him but I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do.   So after I battled with it for  awhile I decided that I couldn’t choose so I let a magic eight ball decide for me and it said to go.(I know stupid decision, never listen to a magic eightball)

So after that I went home, my mom was at work and I packed my bags and left a note on my pillow saying that I was going camping for the weekend.  I had no money so I went to kmart and even though I was supposed to be working 15 minutes later and picked up my check and walked right back out, cashed my check and was on my way.  By the way I was driving a 1986 buick skylark that had been crashed into a building a few months prior during a water balloon fight so my front end of the car was held together with duct tape and due to a battery drain everytime I got out of the car I had to lift the hood and turn off a switch that was rigged on my battery cable.  Yeah this car was a piece of crap but I expected it to make it from Indiana to Louisianna, which it did but just barely.

The journey was a fun one my boyfriend had a cat that he insisted on taking with him but halfway through the trip the cat was freaking out so we pulled over and let it go in a nice neighborhood, the next town we went through we wanted to get out and walk a bit so we went to walmart where I bought a dog for $5.00 in the parking lot at a very young age the dog already weighed 25 lbs, this was going to be a huge dog.

We only stopped one time for the night, the rest of the two day trip was spent driving, I realize that it could have been done quicker but I was in no particular hurry so we made a lot of pit stops along the way.  As it turns out you should not trust a piece of crap car to travel so many miles because just as I crossed over into louisianna my car died which at the time seemed okay because it wasn’t far from where my boyfriends dad worked at a bar so we got a ride to there where we were informed that the cops were on the way.  So I went outside and sat waiting to be picked up it was an end to a good trip but is the beginning of another neat story of my detainment at the police station.

So I was terrified, I had never been in trouble before and now I was at a police station being questioned by the police which was more about if they were going to be charging my boyfriend and my friend with anything since they were over eighteen and left the state with a minor, turn out since I was driving they weren’t charged which is good.  During this questioning I was informed that it was good that I was very lucky to have made it across the state line because in Mississippi they charge runaways, like I said the car died just as I crossed the state line.  So the end result was they released my boyfriend and friend who had a lovely time that evening drinking and playing pool while I was detained in a court room with a constant guard at the door who was very nice to me.  I didn’t sleep much that night instead I wondered around the courtroom being noisy and reading some of the judges notes, I contemplated trying to escape which my thoughts must have been very obvious because my guard informed me there was no way out.  I begged and pleaded for them to not send me back to my emotionally abusive mother but I was informed that unless it was physical abuse I had to go home.

In the morning they brought me my breakfast which was grits, it came with little packets that I assumed was sugar turned out though it was salt so even though I already thought grits was gross it turns out they can get worse with salt, yucky!

Shortly after that my mom and step dad came to pick us up which to say the least wasn’t pleasant, they gave my car and my dog to my boyfriends dad and I had to suffer a very quiet ride home knowing the storm would start as soon as I got home, which it did.  I wasn’t grounded or anything but I was emotionally terrorized by my mother for weeks and I didn’t get another car for two months and only then because I had to drive my moms car all the time, I lost my job at kmart but shortly after I got a new job at walmart and eventually my boyfriend and I broke up and he moved away.  I ended up graduating high school and shortly there after I met my husband and started having babies, so in the end everything was okay but I dont recommend running away to anyone, it doesn’t always turn out okay, it can be very dangerous.

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